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Thor Epic Coll: The Fnl Gntlt

Autor: Marvel Comics
Idioma: Inglés
ISBN: 9781302930882

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The Return of Thor! The real Odinson has been located at last, and the end of Eric Masterson’s time when the God of Thunder draws near, but will Bloodaxe be his executioner? Or will the cost of freeing the original Thor be too much to bear? Thor will fight Thor … and a new heroic legacy awaits him! So, a great search for Odinson begins, but something is not right! Can Beta Ray Bill stand in the way of an increasingly unbalanced God of Thunder? Thor fights brutally against Super-Skrull, Drax, and Pluto as the Infinity Crusade shakes up the Marvel Universe! Also, keep the hammers up while Thor Corps assembles. Can Dargo Ktor, Beta Ray Bill, and Thunderstrike put their differences aside in time to take on Zarrko the Tomorrow Man next week?

Autor Marvel Comics
Formato Rústica
Idioma Inglés
ISBN 9781302930882
Lanzamiento 2021
Marca Marvel Universe
Número de Títulos 1


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