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Sharky McShark

Autor: Alison Murray
Idioma: Inglés
ISBN: 9780316706872

MXN 315.00

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A humorous yet touching retelling of The Lion and the Mouse that reminds young readers of the importance of friendship.  Sharky McShark is the meanest, most fearsome creature in the ocean. When she’s around, the clownfish clear out, the flatfish flee, and even the rocks get out of her way. As the biggest bully in the sea, Sharky doesn’t think she needs friends.  But then one day—with a plink! plank! plonk!—a tiny crab tumbles into her world and proves that everyone, even the scariest underwater bully, needs a friend. This fun-filled undersea story, based on Aesop’s classic fable, explores bullying, friendship, and the true meaning of courage.

Autor Alison Murray
Formato Cartoné
Idioma Inglés
ISBN 9780316706872
Lanzamiento 2021
Marca Galison
Número de Títulos 1


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