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Beyond Happiness

Autor: Jenn Lim
Idioma: Inglés
ISBN: 9781538707364

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Two adorable but unlikely friends try to get the job done. Sloth and Squirrel have different ways of doing things and different speeds of doing them. So when Lightning Fast Squirrel hires himself and Molasses Slow Sloth as pickle packers to make money for a new bike, things don’t go according to plan. In fact, they are so bad that they show the door to friends, along with the 677 1/2 jars of pickles they packed incorrectly! Now your bike dream has exploded. Or so they think, until the resourceful couple came up with an ingenious plan. Whoever said fast and slow don’t go together, didn’t know Sloth and Squirrel! A speedy squirrel and a sleepy sloth try to get the job done in this funny and heartwarming tale of two lovable but unlikely friends. Although Sloth and Squirrel are good friends, they have different ways of doing things and different speeds of doing things. So when Squirrel gets them jobs as pickle packers to earn money for a new bike, things don’t go as planned. It seems that the contrasting skill sets of a lightning fast squirrel and a slow molasses sloth can make for a mess, and before long, friends are shown the door to the pickle factory, alongside with the 677 1/2 improperly packaged pickle jars! Now the couple don’t have bikes, and they only have pickles to display for themselves. Or so they think, until the clever couple came up with a clever plan! This charming story by Cathy Ballou Mealey is a celebration of friendships of all kinds and a testament to ingenuity and hard work. Packed with hilarious details that aren’t in the text, Kelly Collier’s engaging illustrations are packed with personality and goofy, emotionally expressive humor. Together they create a fun picture book that is perfect for a fun and lively read aloud. At the same time, the book’s positive themes highlight a growth mindset and character education lessons on teamwork, perseverance, and initiative.

Autor Jenn Lim
Formato Rústica
Idioma Inglés
ISBN 9781538707364
Lanzamiento 2021
Marca Grand Central publishing
Número de Títulos 1


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